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Photography by Marcus

Wedding Photography

The Fine Art of Classic black and white Wedding Photography - colour optional

Great wedding photographers rely on experience, education, and personal style, to create images that set themselves apart.
True professional photographers will guarantee wedding photographs of exceptional quality, worthy to cherish a lifetime.

Marcus was the wedding photographer of choice for many clients from all regions of Canada, including from countries as far away as Japan, Taiwan, England, Germany, Australia, Mexico and the U.S.

He has extensive experience in corporate, magazine and advertising photography, as well as personal and environmental family portrait photography.

There are a few questions wedding photographers should be asked before they are considered for your special event.

Below are questions, that are frequently asked by the clients, Marcus had over the years:

How much wedding photography experience do you have?
Well over 20 years.

Do you have testimonials from previous wedding clients?
We have always received very positive responses from our clients and even from parents. Under 'Testimonials', you will find a sampling of unsolicited testimonials, that were kindly sent to us in letters of gratitude by many wedding couples. Most of our weddings are the result of direct recommendations from previous weddings we photographed.

How do you define your wedding photography style?
Relaxed - my aim is to create images of timeless, classic elegance.

Do you work with an assistant?
Yes, Benita assists me at most weddings.

Do you pose your wedding photography?
For most people, the term'posing' implies stiff and unnatural photographs of the past. However, in some situations, wedding parties and couples benefit greatly from gentle directions by the photographer. The best wedding photographers use their experience, to make bride and grooms look fabulous.

Is photo journalism part of your wedding photography?
Yes, a part. Wedding photojournalism can be valuable tool for wedding photographers, to preserve the fleeting moments of tears, joy and laughter. For me, there is nothing that expresses love as much as,tears of joy!

Do you offer different wedding packages?
We offer large or small wedding photography packages, including elopements. If you have a special request for your wedding photographs, we will do our very best to accomodate your wishes.

“ your wedding day - a dream come true . . .”

Can we choose between colour, as well a black and white wedding photography?
Yes, you certainly can. Some clients prefer colour, while many others love the unique and timeless, classic look of black and white wedding photography. Digital technology makes it possible to convert any colour photograph into a black and white image.

However, when it comes to black and white wedding photography, we prefer b&w film, instead of using computer 'b&w film simulation' programs. Why simulate black and white film photography, if you can have the real thing?

Will our colour, or black and white wedding photographs be available in digital format?
Yes. Our wedding packages include high resolution digital images, on a photo cd.

Can we include large wall portraits with our wedding package?
Yes, you certainly can, even after your wedding. We mount and matte all of our large photographs, just like our archival exhibition black and white prints, for a beautiful professional presentation.

Some photographers mention 'Giclée' prints. What makes it different compared to your prints?
Giclée prints are digital images, printed by inkjet printers. We also use inkjet prints, but only for colour photographs. Since we specialize in black & white wedding photography, we prefer the fine qualities of b&w silver based prints, that we produce in our own custom lab. This type of b&w print is usually found in high priced art galleries. The greatest difference lies in the superb tonal range and proven archival properties.

Can we order a professional designer, wedding album from you?
Yes, they are available in many styles, colours, and sizes. You can also include personal inscriptions on the front cover.

Do you bring back up, in case of equipment failure?
We certainly do! No true professional photographer would do otherwise.

How many shots do you typically take at a wedding?
The quantity of 'shots taken' are not a measure of photographic quality. I photograph until I am satisfied that I have an excellent selection of great images. Since I learned through experience to work selectively, my aim is to produce high quality - not repetitive quantity.

How are your prices, compared to others?
Quality comes at a cost, but our prices are fair. For couples with a moderate budget, we would suggest one of our smaller packages, that includes all of the 'must have' photographs. Never settle for quantity and second best, when it comes to your wedding photographs!

How far do travel for wedding assignments?
As Vancouver Island wedding photographers, we travel to Campbell River, Courtenay and Comox, Parksville, Qualicum Beach, Nanaimo, Victoria and Tofino, as well as the Gulf Islands and Lower Mainland. Certain remote locations, might require accommodations for us.

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